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SHAPE UP: Towards a European school network to impact the determinants of child obesity at the community level

Shape Up is an European health education project at the community level developed between 2006 and 2008, by the European Public Helath Programme. It has been effective in developing school-community collaboration and creating youth ownership and innovative learning to influence the determinants of child obesity. It has demonstrated positive effects on local democracy and facilitated local stakeholders to act effectively and achieve long-term changes, has reinforced active learning and innovative curriculum plans and stimulated cross-cultural collaboration.

Shape Up aimed to:

  • Bring together the principle of health education, prevention and promotion in an integrated programme,
  • Promote health and wellbeing;
  • Tackle social and environmental health determinants;
  • Involve schools and local communities in constructive dialogue and action planning concerning health education and promotion;
  • Enhance children’s and young people’s competences to carry out health promoting action and bring about positive changes;
  • Undertake health-promoting action at the local level, initiated through schools by children and adolescents, in collaboration with local stakeholders.
  • Empower a European network of schools and local actors in all the Member States.

In addition to a holistic and broad concept of health, encompassing lifestyle and living conditions, the main characteristics of SU methodological approach include:

  • Genuine participation by children and young people (ownership)
  • The IVAC (investigation-vision-action-change) pedagogical approach
  • School-community collaboration
  • Cross-cultural collaboration


For more information: (Shape Up Methodological Guidebook) (Shape Up Prelinimary Results) (Shape Up Research Report)

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